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n. & v.1.See Scum.
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Open from 6am to 8pm every day, Khting Vor Cafe is located about 500m from Skun Market on National Road 7 in Kampong Cham province.
s?k?n skun communities (8.3) Plurals Taking the Shape CVCC a.
Her forebears skun the redskins out of their happiest hunting grounds, and she could do it today.
Taking a bite out of the plump arachnids has become a popular photo-op for squealing tourists who pass through Skun, the central Cambodian town nicknamed 'Spiderville' for its massive market of creepy crawlers.
"But everybody knows that his slaves buried the treasure at a point unknown to him, and then they skun out when the Yankees rode up, and they never did come back.
But Mister Ernest never seen it atall until it skun back along Dan's neck and hooked under the head of the saddle horn, us flying on through the air, the loop of the vine gitting tighter and tighter until something somewhere was going to have to give.