Skunk Works

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Skunk′ Works`

1. Trademark. engineering, technical, consulting, and advisory services with respect to designing, building, equipping, and testing commercial and military aircraft and related equipment at Lockheed Martin Corporation.
2. (usu. l.c.) Also, skunk′works`. Slang. an often secret experimental laboratory or facility for producing innovative products, as in the computer or aerospace field.
[1943 for definition 1, 1965–70 for definition 2; after the Skonk Works, an illicit distillery in Al Capp's comic strip Li'l Abner]
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Larger medical device OEMs try to alleviate this problem by creating skunkwork development teams, but this is simply a method of circumventing the root cause of the problem.
Its 'skunkworks', the name given by Goldstein (2009, page 33) to a city's networks of urban security, provision, and communication, made "hidden potential surprises visible or unthinkable surprises thinkable".
The suggestion here is that in spaces of risk mitigation through the collective infrastructure, automaticity combines with mnemonic recall, implying that an associated politics has to focus as much on the architecture of the skunkworks as on their aesthetic and affective presence.