n.1.A boat; a small vessel.
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At the Na Tale restaurant I tucked into a plateful of Pag lamb, followed by Paski Strukli Od Skute - a sweet and savoury dessert made from Pag's own type of cottage cheese.
Heat stress induces oxidative stress as noted for the enhanced production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) such as superoxide radicals, singlet oxygen, hydrogen peroxides and hydroxyl radicals (Asada, 2006; Savicka and Skute, 2010).
In Fram: Hele Norges Skute, Arnesen provides a great many details about the design and construction of the vessel, but gives less attention to the three major expeditions in which Fram participated.
Not only does this kind of structure communicate certain messages about the real world, but the work itself represents a (literary) reality of its own, a world of its own--that is, "literary reality" (skute cnost literarni) in Vodicka's terminology (167).
During our research (Brakovska & Skute, 2007, 2009; Brakovska & Paidere, 2012; Brakovska et al., 2012; Jurevics et al., 2012) we found that Daphnia cucullata is among dominants in the Cladoceran community of Latvian salmonid lakes.
Lake Dridzis is the deepest lake in Latvia as well as in the Baltic countries (Brakovska & Skute, 2007; (accessed 30.06.2013)).
Besides, the surroundings of Lake Rica are a complex protected area of landscape and an area of Natura 2000 (Tidrikis, 1997; Brakovska & Skute, 2007).
For identification we used the following zooplankton guides: Manujlova, 1964; Kutikova, 1970; Flossner, 1972, 2002; Pontin, 1978; Sloka, 1981; Krauter & Streble, 1988; Scourfield & Harding, 1994; Segers, 1995; Dussart & Defaye, 2001; Dumont & Negrea, 2002; Nogrady & Segers, 2002; and Paidere & Skute, 2011.
The assemblage of dominant species as well as the number of crustacean (cladoceran) and rotifer species recorded from the pelagic zone have not changed appreciably during the last 50 and more years in lakes Dridzis, Geranimova, and Svente compared to earlier reports (Berzins, 1949; Selkere, 1955; Kumsare & Laganovska, 1959; Line, 1966; Vadzis et al., 1976; Brakovska & Skute, 2007).
All dominant species from the present study are common and widely distributed in Latvian lakes (Line, 1966; Sloka, 1981; Paidere & Skute, 2011).
Inta Dimante-Deimantovica (a,b) ([mail]), Arturs Skute (a), and Renate Skute (a)
Called skutes, these bumps are bone protruding through the fish's skin, explains sturgeon physiologist Molly A.H.