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n.1.A slab of stone used as a veneer for coarse masonry.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Just now she was tossing on the bosom of a big ocean, with nothing to keep her afloat but a miserable wooden hen-coop that had a plank bottom and slatted sides, through which the water constantly splashed and wetted her through to the skin!
Kama stood outside by the sled, a long, narrow affair, sixteen inches wide and seven and a half feet in length, its slatted bottom raised six inches above the steel-shod runners.
Then the gag swung to the side with an abrupt swiftness, the great sail boomed like a cannon, and the three rows of reef-points slatted against the canvas like a volley of rifles.
The lashed wheel groaned and kicked softly, the riding-sail slatted a little in the shifts of the light wind, the windlass creaked, and the miserable procession continued.
Barry Slatt Mortgage has announced it has closed a USD 11,800,000 permanent loan on a San Jose, California Smart & Final grocery store, the company said.
"DOJ staff review all SLATT instructors, curricula, and publications to ensure that content is accurate, relevant, and consistent with Department goals and objectives," wrote Ronald Weich, DOJ's congressional liaison.
Mark Pitcavage, a hard-core leftist, was chosen as research director of SLATT and has influenced federal training of thousands of local police officers nationwide.
We asked Slatt what one or two things Congress or federal regulators could do to help improve commercial real estate markets.
The Slatts chose the Guinea breed for many of the same reasons I chose the Mulefoot breed.
Sussman suggested that the newly created Office of Homeland Security should seek out the expertise of SLATT's "watchdogs": "It would seem to me that this new Homeland Security agency would be perfect to adopt SLATT and get really cordial relations with the other watchdogger-type organizations that already have some insight into domestic troublemakers." Given the extensive and growing informal cooperation that already exists between leftist "watchdogs" and various law enforcement bodies, it seems likely that Sussman's proposal has been well received.
The Man From Slatt is a fine jumper and exciting to watch, but trainer Willie Murphy is probably correct in assessing that stamina could be a problem at Cheltenham, and may judge it more prudent to run him at Aintree, or indeed to keep him at home for the big hunter chases at Fairyhouse and Punchestown.
THE best sight of the day at Thurles was bold jumping front-runner The Man From Slatt attempting to make all in the closing hunter chase.