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n.1.See Slavocracy.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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By 1877 the Republicans, representing northern monopoly capital, agreed to turn the South back to the reactionary Slaveocracy and what followed was a true genocide and re-enslavement of 5 million Blacks.
Morrison's claims about the influence of the slaveocracy's ideology on Poe's portrayal of blacks in the Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym inspired the varied critical assessments of Poe and race in the critical compilation Romancing the Shadow, from which the three articles mentioned above are drawn.
Inspiring the enslaved and partisans of emancipation while striking terror throughout the Southern slaveocracy, it propelled the fledgling American nation one step closer to civil war over the question of slavery.
The racist-driven killings took place in the South Carolina city that served as the ideological center of the southern slaveocracy of the antebellum and Civil War eras.
This transformation of Thomas Jefferson's "empire for liberty" of yeoman farmers into the "Cotton Kingdom" ruled by the "slaveocracy," gave new life to slavery as an institution and leads to the central aim guiding Johnson's work, to embed the lived experience of slavery within the larger context of political economy and American imperialism.
(11) Larcom acknowledges the wrong as her own without attempting to render it in relative perspective or exculpate herself as a teenage mill girl as among those exploited by this alliance between southern slaveocracy and northern industrial capital.
Though Gutzman finds Madison's compromising position on the power of the slaveocracy at the Virginia Convention of 1829 and his failure to free his own slaves unworthy of his republican ideals, the author concludes admiringly with Madison's "Advice to My Country." It was "dearest to my heart and dearest in my convictions," the dying Madison said, "that the Union of the States be cherished and perpetuated." It was this Union, conceived, framed, ratified, explained, implemented, defended, and cherished by Madison, that Gutzman cogently and rightly sees as the essential "making of America." His book is a signal contribution to our understanding of this near-miraculous epoch in our national history.
Lusane cites a number of sources in arguing that the preservation of the American slaveocracy, not noble ideals of natural rights, may well have been the motive behind the American Revolution.
Politically, it meant an identification of association with democratic principles, continually trammeled by the eastern slaveocracy. Acceptance of West Virginia as a state name was the deepest political rebuke that could be conveyed to disloyal Virginians who had rejected the democratic faith and ultimately espoused treasonous secession.
32)--while many tribes leaned toward the free state faction, understanding that the Southern slaveocracy was eager to grab native-controlled land in the West.
This revolt apparently combined the paradoxical goals of ending Danish planter rule while, at the same time, establishing a new slaveocracy in which the Amina political elite would control sugar production and other important affairs on the island.