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Before describing the architecture and implementation proposed by this paper, it is necessary to define and comprehend some of the most important concepts, components and technologies surrounding the JAIN SLEE specification, the OpenBTS tools, and the early warning systems, which will be briefly described as follows.
The JAIN SLEE specification is composed by two concepts which must be analyzed independently.
Considering the analysis of these concepts, it is not difficult to understand how the JAIN SLEE [6] specification defines a standard execution environment for service logic, and specifies the manner in which robust converged services can be built, managed and executed, decreasing time-to-market by providing a standard programming model aimed at the community of Java developers [4].
Deploying warnings in rural areas of developing countries, like Colombian coffee plantations, is not an easy task, due to their limited telecommunications infrastructure, hence the use of open source technologies like OpenBTS and the JAIN SLEE specification offers the possibility of developing an early warning system capable of preventing different types of difficulties like coffee rust by watching over a set of climatic parameters (like temperature, humidity, precipitation) and once a risky situation is detected, proceeding to alert the farmers and the people involved with the plantation through converged services.
El SLEE cuenta con dos contenedores: el primero, denominado contenedor de adaptacion, encargado de almacenar los adaptadores de recursos con los cuales el SLEE se comunica con los recursos de red del operador de telecomunicaciones y con el ESB.
Una vez es aceptada la transaccion de compra o personalizacion, el sistema de la empresa outsourcing almacena los datos y envia un mensaje al ESB, el cual a su vez direcciona dos mensajes: uno para actualizar el OSS/BSS del Operador de Telecomunicaciones con informacion relacionada al usuario y posterior generacion de la cuenta de cobro; y otro enviado al servidor Rhino SLEE para la creacion del perfil necesario en la ejecucion del servicio CRBT.
wav) al servidor SLEE, en el cual un servicio de personalizacion esta corriendo; el SLEE crea el registro en la tabla de perfiles definida para el funcionamiento del servicio CRBT.
JAIN SLEE provides a 'pluggable' Resource Adapter (RA) interface to provide connectivity between the application server and telecomms networks, while JAIN SLEE 1.
5, as well as improved Rhino Management Control, while its compliance with JAIN SLEE 1.
JAIN SLEE aims at defining a new kind of application server designed for hosting value-added services.
An event may asynchronously originate from a number of sources, for example, an external resource such as a communications protocol stack, from the SLEE itself, or from application components within the SLEE.
Resources are external entities that interact with other systems outside the SLEE, such as network elements (i.