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a.1.Disposed to sleep; sleepy; drowsy.
Your sleepish, and more than sleepish, security.
- Ford.
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MIKA 11 Mog reflects on another lazy day; PIGGY 12 A tickle in the middle, please; MOLLY 01 Look out mice, it's Scary Spice; BRAQUE 02 Beauty's a Baywatch lifesaver; LUMPY LAMB 03 Looking sleepish, sorry, sheepish; BARLEY 04 Lively lab mimics lad's frown; GIZMO 05 Dapper dog dresses like Brucie; TOFFEE 06 Lion King pose is roar-fully good; FABLE 07 Owners mix him up with pal Cruz; BLAKE 08 Yawn turns him from paws to Jaws; MADDI 09 Lickalike for cheeky Kiss rockers; ELLIE 10 Rottweiler with 'twin' Zeus; LEO .