Sleeve button

a detachable button to fasten the wristband or cuff.

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These artists will take particles of stone or glass no larger than a mustard seed, and piece them together on a sleeve button or a shirt stud, so smoothly and with such nice adjustment of the delicate shades of color the pieces bear, as to form a pigmy rose with stem, thorn, leaves, petals complete, and all as softly and as truthfully tinted as though Nature had builded it herself.
On examining his clothes the money was found in his purse, and the gold studs and sleeve buttons were left in his shirt.
Black puff sleeve button through top, [euro]30, Miss Selfridge
In one pocket, Lincoln had a sleeve button monogrammed with a gold "L." It's comforting to think that perhaps the president, as I have done countless times, simply grabbed a button that was about to fall off and stuck it in his pocket with the idea that he'd sew it on before the next time he wore that coat.
The police described the first suspect as a person in "early twenties approximately 200 pounds wearing a black baseball cap, white t-shirt with a black short sleeve button up on over the t-shirt and black pants.
Tie sleeve button bandeau bodycon dress, PS60; Croc embossed double ring jeans belt, PS14; barely there sandals, PS38, all River Island
In the photos, the person wearing a gray-colored top can be identified through his Social Media accounts as Taparuj Mond Kaendi, a Thai working as a creative director and senior booking agent at Bangkok-based Bacca Model Management; the other one wearing white long sleeve button up is a German, Thorsten Mid.
My thinking is it costs no time or effort to engage the safety, and it does add one more layer of defense in case the trigger is snagged on a coat sleeve button or the rifle gets dropped (say if I have a heart attack from the excitement!).
He swaggered into the room, a poet at a gathering of poets, and the drinkers stopped crowding the cash bar, the talkers stopped their tongues, the music stopped hammering the walls, the way a saloon falls silent when a gunslinger knocks open the swinging doors: JoeGo grinning in gray stubble and wraparound shades, leather Harley vest, shirt yellow as a prospector's hallucination, sleeve buttoned to hide the bandage on his arm where the IV pumped chemo through his body a few hours ago.
Ramadhin concealed the throwing action as best he could by keeping his shirt sleeve buttoned at the wrist.