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(Placename) the Danish name for Schleswig


(ˈʃlɛs wɪg)

a region in S Jutland, divided between Germany and Denmark: a former duchy. Danish, Slesvig.
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17) John Stanley Martin states that this 'preponderance of Danes [w]as a result of the disbanding of the Danish Army after the First Slesvig War 1848-50', (18) as an already displaced group of young, unemployed Danes sought goldmining opportunities overseas.
He studied trumpet at the Royal Academy in Jutland before working as a professional freelance trumpet player with The Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, Slesvig Military band, and the Royal Guards in Copenhagen.
Gottorp es el nombre del castillo al poniente de la ciudad Slesvig, que habia sido la normal residencia de los duques de Jutlandia del sur.
The first mentioned Danish accounts of conquest in Estonia is found in the chronicle called the Annals of Ryd, a Cistercian monastery at the Flensborg Fjord in the duchy of Slesvig (Schleswig), known in both Latin and Danish version.