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a transfer table. See under Transfer.

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Regarding Slide Rail, Sal DiPaolo concluded: "I thought it was a great approach for the unusual challenges of this particular project.
Tenders are invited for Remove and replace existing piping and valves and slide rail system in the State Street Lift Station as shown on the drawings complete including all piping, valves, fittings, slide rail system, removal, installation, hauling, emergency hookup, temporary manhole, temporary manhole removal, temporary piping, cut and plugs, temporary plugs, bypass pumping and coordination.
McDaniel's turned to the Efficiency Production Inc's Slide Rail System to address their needs.
We looked at the cost of sheet piling, and compared that with a couple of manufacturers' slide rail systems," said Schmidt.
microtunneling, pipe jacking and pipe ramming projects can now use the newly designed Transformer Slide Rail System.
According to Joshua Thorne, Pro-Tec Equipment's slide rail manager, "with the mix of bad soil conditions, the proximity to a building and a road, and the overall scope of the project.
PRO-TEC's Slide Rail Shoring System is ideal for use in poor soil conditions and where support in deep excavations is needed.
They will also offer sales, service, rentals and engineering services for their slide rail shoring systems, which can be used along with the Bohrtec products on a wide range of tunneling projects.
United Rentals operates more than 50 trench safety rental branches that offer the latest technologies in steel and aluminum trench shields, aluminum trench shores, steel sheet pile with modular waling systems, steel crossing plates and custom slide rail systems.
We knew that Efficiency had a slide rail (shoring) system that seemed like it would work great, but we had never used slide rail or even seen it used," continued Wentland.
A slide rail system is a component shoring system comprised of steel panels similar to trench shield side walls and vertical steel posts.
Furthermore, RP4117 offers security locks in front, slide rail locks, and latch to make sure when flip over the monitor can hold in place.