Slide rail

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a transfer table. See under Transfer.

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Instead, the shoring solution Ross proposed was their industry leading Slide Rail System.
Speaking of scrubbing, for years I used a worn-out toothbrush dipped in solvent as kind of a one-size-fits-all tool for sweeping gunk out of slide rail recesses, from under revolver ejector stars, off bolt faces, in magazine wells and around the mouths of chambers.
The facility houses one of the largest Programmable Hoist Systems (PHS) in the world and a modern Slide Rail Square Transfer System (SST).
A new slide rail configuration is easy to assemble and requires no additional headroom.
She said a handgun given to her by her father was difficult to chamber because of its stiff slide rail - and it had become an issue the week before.
According to Jeff Damour, CAC engineering manager, this new mounting bracket includes a cantilevered extruded aluminum slide rail frame allowing easy web width adjustment.
United Rentals Trench Safety of Fresno, CA is providing a slide rail shoring system to fit the needs for a 41 if clear span bore pit to enable dropping into the pit maximum lengths of casing pipe.
Slide rail mounting of a discharge conveyor provides increased access to the delivery chute and other areas.
The Icon Group, a leading underground engineering and distribution company, based in East Brunswick, NJ, designed a tight sheeting 2 Bay slide rail system, 35' long x 20.
The smooth-traveling Slide Rail linear slides and table assemblies are suitable for applications requiring smooth motion, low noise and/or washdown capabilities.
The company's trained shoring professionals are also experienced in pit-box configurations and slide rail systems.
Company's rotary valves, for pneumatic- and gravity-conveyed powders and granules, are available with a bottom-mounted slide rail that supports the rotor and non-drive end plate when they're removed from the bore.