sliding tackle

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slide tackle

or sliding tackle
A tackle in soccer in which the defender leaps forward or slides and extends a leg in order to disrupt the play or get possession of the ball. At some levels of play, slide tackles are illegal.

slide′-tack′le v.

sliding tackle

A tackle performed by sliding in feet first to rob the opponent of the ball.
References in classic literature ?
Nothing like it has been seen on earth since trembling Tam O'Shanter saw the devil and the witches at their orgies that stormy night in "Alloway's auld haunted kirk.
Daylight, dis tam you mek one beeg meestake," French Louis said, straightening up and stepping down from the chairs.
True, Anne could not help a little pang when she contrasted her plain black tam and shapeless, tight-sleeved, homemade gray-cloth coat with Diana's jaunty fur cap and smart little jacket.
All the horses bred here, both tam and wild, are rather small-sized, though generally in goo condition; and they have lost so much strength, that the are unfit to be used in taking wild cattle with the lazo: i consequence, it is necessary to go to the great expense o importing fresh horses from the Plata.
I don't mean to say it would be the case in all villages, but it certainly was so in this one: the village boys were full as manly and honest, and certainly purer, than those in a higher rank; and Tam got more harm from his equals in his first fortnight at a private school, where he went when he was nine years old, than he had from his village friends from the day he left Charity's apron-strings.
Ash Taylor had to be alert to slidetackle McGoldrick, while Hussey was equally alert for the Sky Blues, to stop the ball getting through to Jean-Louis Akpa Akpro, before the defender got in the way of a fiercely-hit Robinson shot from a quickly-taken corner.
It is not in my way to say: 'Scott Parker, next time slidetackle the referee'.