sliding tackle

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slide tackle

or sliding tackle
A tackle in soccer in which the defender leaps forward or slides and extends a leg in order to disrupt the play or get possession of the ball. At some levels of play, slide tackles are illegal.

slide′-tack′le v.

sliding tackle

A tackle performed by sliding in feet first to rob the opponent of the ball.
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Ash Taylor had to be alert to slidetackle McGoldrick, while Hussey was equally alert for the Sky Blues, to stop the ball getting through to Jean-Louis Akpa Akpro, before the defender got in the way of a fiercely-hit Robinson shot from a quickly-taken corner.
It is not in my way to say: 'Scott Parker, next time slidetackle the referee'.
By the end of an hour (yes, a full hour) of this garbage I was longing for the likes of Andy Todd to appear on set and slidetackle the whole fawning, creepy bunch of them into touch.