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A borough of northern Ireland on Sligo Bay, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. There are megalithic ruins nearby.


1. (Placename) a county of NW Republic of Ireland, on the Atlantic: has a deeply indented low-lying coast; livestock and dairy farming. County town: Sligo. Pop: 58 200 (2002). Area: 1795 sq km (693 sq miles)
2. (Placename) a port in NW Republic of Ireland, county town of Co Sligo on Sligo Bay. Pop: 19 735 (2002)


(ˈslaɪ goʊ)

a county in Connaught province, in the NW Republic of Ireland. 55,425; 694 sq. mi. (1795 sq. km).
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It is the latest success for the Sligo woman who moved to Canada in 1988 with her husband, fellow Sligonian Brian Taheny and their two young children, Leon and Rowena.
The voice of the Protestant minority is relayed through the medium of the Sligo Independent and we learn of the twenty-six Sligonians who signed the Ulster Covenant and the Protestant clergyman who was willing to serve on a republican arbitration court but was forced to resign because of opposition from his congregation.