Slime pit

a pit for the collection of slime or bitumen.

See also: Slime

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review The Duchess of Malfi, The Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon THE production is a total blood bath - gallons of the stuff in fact, which turns the Swan stage into a sticky, gooey slime pit.
As he descends into the Taliban slime pit, he needs to recognize that history is not kind to those who betray the helpless, and slime is not easy to wash off.
Most of the time, this is a bad idea although an occasional useful tip sometimes emerges from the slime pit.
As this slime pit of prejudice--based on race, sexual orientation and class --settled under the online version of my story, I could only imagine what wise words "outraged," another anonymous poster, had offered on our Web site.
Aren't they just playing to your sense that the capital has become a slime pit of invective?
Other waste products--mostly clay and sand--are piped into giant lagoons, called slime pits by most everyone but PCS, which calls them "clay settling areas.
PCS gets "mitigation" credit from the state for real wetlands it destroys by reshaping its slime pits and planting trees around the edges.