Slip dock

a dock having a sloping floor that extends from deep water to above high-water mark, and upon which is a railway on which runs a cradle carrying the ship.
See under Dock.

See also: Dock, Slip

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the ada compliant kayak dock shall consist of an ada (sixteen) 16~ x (eighteen) 18~ slip dock with 12~ safe launch and transfer platform with ada gangway, decking, (four) 4~ x (thirty five) 35~ ada aluminum gangway including a 4~landside hinge assembly, and a 4~ dockside hinge assembly .
6 million cubic feet of material from the floor of Coos Bay to construct a slip dock at the proposed Jordan Cove LNG terminal.
On the waterfront, there will be new landscaping, a boardwalk and a 110-metre wharf built with 30 slip docks for boaters.