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A protective box with one open end or more, used for storing a book.

slip′cased′ adj.


(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a protective case for a book or set of books that is open at one end so that only the spines of the books are visible



a box for a book or set of books, open on one side so that the spine is visible.


[ˈslɪpkeɪs] Nestuche m


[ˈslɪpˌkeɪs] n (of book) → custodia
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With "Introduction to Bookbinding & Custom Cases" the aspiring bookbinder will be able to master the pamphlet book style, the flat-back book, the round-back book, and the construction of slipcases and clamshell boxes for decorative book protection.
Screams, cries and high-fives were exchanged between the band and their young fans, as empty slipcases of forthcoming album Future Hearts were passed over for signing.
At Packaging Innovations 2014, leading rigid box manufacturer Pollard Boxes unveilled its latest capabilities in the manufacture of deep boxes and slipcases, which are ideal for luxury drinks packaging.
The event kicked off the "Say It With Toblerone" campaign featuring red slipcases that carry bold declarations of love like "Say Yes," "Pick Me" and "All For You." Paired with an ongoing promo that ends Feb.
These include conventional paper book-jackets, envelopes and all-over wrappings, cloth jackets, boxes such as slipcases and boxes with lids, box and paper jackets, and box and cloth jackets.
Based on extensive consumer research, these new laptop backpack and slipcases were created to merge style with durability in the rainy season.
The retailer also has neoprene sleeves, nylon sleeves and book jackets from Incase, slipcases from Targus and a sleeve from Belkin.
The guys are gearing up for their debut album release on November 9 and have made four limited-edition slipcases in red, yellow, green and blue.
Some quick statistics: 10 years, 10 slipcases, 118 issues and more than 6,000 pages.
"The DC Vault," by Martin Pasko (Running Press, 192 pages, $49.95) could well be the ultimate toy for comic book aficionados, with a multitude of reproduced memorabilia culled from the DC Comics vault going back to 1935, including preparatory sketches and covers, all stored in archival plastic slipcases.
Stamping is an additional $24.99 per book, and slipcases are available for $39.99.
To get your copy of the $24.95 softcover edition or the $60 hard cover version (there are only 500 signed and numbered hardcover copies in individual slipcases), call 1-800-358-6327.