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This entails the underlying ambivalence and slippiness found in Forder's going native that is caught between aversion and admiration.
PROBLEMS with the bend into the straight at Naas, which caused the final two races to be abandoned due to slippiness on the May 20 meeting, have been resolved.
|Advertising that their drives were anti-slip when in fact the company knew that customers had fallen due to the slippiness of their drive.
New developments in, approaches to, and methodologies with emotional design, storytelling, "slippiness," and understandable icons recently caught our attention, and we think they can improve your library sites and services.
We also need to let you know about the hazards of slippiness, although in this respect we are in competition with many solicitors who enjoy showing you graphic depictions of the consequences of slippiness in their adverts.
This time, while the glue sealed the wound, the "cling film" dressing added a slippiness, which meant patients did not aggravate it when they moved.