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Noun1.slit lamp - (ophthalmology) a lamp that emits a narrow but intense beam of light that enables an ophthalmologist, using a microscope, to view the retina and optic nerve
electric lamp - a lamp powered by electricity
ophthalmology - the branch of medicine concerned with the eye and its diseases
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the slit-lamp examination shall be required to provide a stereoscopic magnified view of the eye structures in detail, enabling anatomical diagnoses to be made for a variety of eye conditions
The persistent pupillary membrane is usually an innocuous finding diagnosed on routine slit-lamp examination but in this case, it was adherent to the anterior lens capsule causing anterior capsular cataract, affecting the visual acquity.
Tools used for retinal screening: The tools used for screening of DR were direct Ophthalmoscopy, indirect ophthalmoscopy, Slit-lamp bio-microscopy with 90D fundus lens in dilated pupil or digital photography with Non-Mydriatic fundus camera (NMFC).
The morphological characteristics detected by slit-lamp biomicroscopy were compared to those detected by IVCM.
Ophthalmic examinations included slit-lamp biomicroscopy, fundus exam, Schirmer tear test, conjunctival bacterial culture and isolation, corneal touch threshold, tonometry, and corneal diameter measurement.
Maryland Heights, MO, May 09, 2017 --( Ophthalmology diagnostics includes corneal imaging: topography (pentacam), specular microscopy, slit-lamp photography, and confocal microscopy, corneal analysis for infectious keratitis, electroretinography, fluorescein imaging, ocular infection diagnosis, ocular pathology, and ultrasound of the eye.
Slit-lamp examination of the left eye revealed intact corneal epithelium and intrastromal silver-gray carbon particles in the inferonasal quadrant of the cornea.
Among the topics are the ophthalmic patient, ocular history taking and slit-lamp examination, the lacrimal system and tear film, the uveal tract, glaucoma, the extra-ocular muscles, and ocular manifestations of systemic disease.
The condition takes its name from its appearance during an eye inspection with the slit-lamp microscope commonly used by ophthalmologists.
Throughout the day visitors were given the opportunity to look at their eyes through a video slit-lamp, decorate visors which could be used to help protect their eyes against the sunlight, and wear simulation spectacles to see what it would be like to suffer from conditions such as AMD.
After discussing your symptoms and conducting the initial slit-lamp examination, your health care professional may conduct the following tests for dry eyes:
All underwent a full slit-lamp anterior segment examination as well as dilated fundi examination with slit-lamp biomicroscopy.