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A dry colorless plum brandy.

[Serbo-Croatian šljivovica, from šljiva, plum; see sleiə- in Indo-European roots.]
Word History: Though colorless itself, slivovitz is made from bluish plums, and the name for this kind of brandy or schnapps is of Slavic origin and ultimately comes from the Indo-European root meaning "blue." The Slavic words for "plum," such as Serbo-Croatian šljiva, Czech slíva, and Russian sliva, are related to Latin līvidus, "bluish, bruise-colored," from which we get livid, a word synonymous with our black-and-blue when used to describe the discoloration caused by a bruise. The Indo-European root *sleiə-, "bluish," from which the Slavic and the Latin words are descended, has another descendant in English associated with alcohol, sloe, the name of a small sour plum of a dark purplish color. Many who have never seen this type of plum have tasted it in sloe gin, which is flavored with sloes.


(ˈslɪvəvɪts; ˈsliːvə-) ,






(Brewing) a plum brandy from E Europe
[from Serbo-Croat šljivovica, from sljiva plum]


(ˈslɪv ə vɪts, -wɪts, ˈʃlɪv-)

a slightly bitter plum brandy from E Europe.
[1895–1900; < German Sliwowitz < Serbo-Croatian šljȉvovica, derivative of šljȉva plum]
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Noun1.slivovitz - a colorless plum brandy popular in the Balkans
brandy - distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice
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By this time I had just knocked back my third shot of Slivovice and while it glided down the gullet smooth and pleasing, it was now hitting me like the kick of a disgruntled donkey.
This was the best brandy in the world, but it stuck in US Customs as we had to prove it was not made with slivovice berries," said Fleet.
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