Sallie Mae

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Sal•lie Mae

(ˈsæl i ˈmeɪ)

a government-chartered private corporation that makes available low-cost student loans by purchasing loans from lending institutions.
[1970–75; from the initials SLMA Student Loan Marketing Association]
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In [14], a novel phase offset SLM scheme has been proposed to reduce the PAPR without SI in Alamouti MIMO-OFDM systems.
The San Antonio SLM line is scheduled to receive its first Super Hornet in June, and a total of 23 Super Hornets over the course of this contract.
SLM introduced several innovative concepts of development to farmers and some communities in the district.
For SLM 2005-9, the class B notes have been building hard credit enhancement since passing the 40% pool factor threshold and are now marginally passing 'Asf' cash flow stresses.
The project will deliver three outcomes including strong enabling environment at national and provincial levels support up-scaling of SLM practices, second effective targeted and adaptive implementation of SLM land use planning, decision support system and third on-the ground implementation of climate- resilient SLM activities is up-scaled across landscapes.
The SLM as any other cement-based material has the inverse relationship between workability and mechanical strength [2], and it is difficult to obtain fluidity without bleeding and/or segregation.
SLM intends to use the net proceeds to redeem its outstanding 6.97 percent Series A preferred stock and for general corporate purposes.
GE and the SLM leadership say they encourage shareholders to tender their SLM shares in order to make the deal successful within the acceptance period.
AE method was used to get new information about fatigue damage of SLM materials.
SLM will enable the company to produce pure tungsten components and parts at a higher level of complexity and accuracy, primarily for the nuclear imaging sector.
Under TUPE (protection of employment) regulations, people working for NBLT were hoping to be transferred to SLM but the council has hit out at a lack of co-operation from the outgoing firm.
SLM will commence flying to Cayenne in late October according to Cairo;