Slubbing billy

the machine by which slubs are formed.

See also: Slubbing

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Slubbing Billy member Duggs Carre, a council officer, said: "We couldn't believe it when we were told in the strongest possible terms to leave.
Local Scouts and Cubs have pitched in too, along with the Slubbing Billy morris dancers, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and Colne Valley Lions.
The Journal reported yesterday how bells on their toes led to The Slubbing Billys being barred from the city's Swan and Three Cygnets pub due to the pub's brewery owners adopting a strict No Music policy.
A ban on any form of music being played in pubs owned by the Samuel Smith's brewery meant Durham's Swan and Three Cygnets was a no-go area for the men and women of the Slubbing Billys dance troupe - at least those with bells on their clogs.
She sings folks songs with guitar, is a member of Huddersfield Gilbert and Sullivan Society, and a member of Slubbing Billys morris dancing side where she dances and plays fiddle in the band.
and one of those at the forefront of this is Slaithwaite's Slubbing Billys Morris dancers.
The Slubbing Billys, a mixed group based in Slaithwaite, is holding an open evening on Tuesday, December 11, at 8.
More than 250 villagers enjoyed the attractions, which included the Slubbing Billys, above.
Morris dancers The Slubbing Billys will deliver the Last Rites of the Luddites at Colne Valley Museum in Golcar at 3.
SMASHING TIME: The Slubbing Billys morris dancers will take part in this weekend's Luddite celebrations at the Colne Valley Museum
SLUBBING Billys morris men and women performed at the Sportsman public house in Huddersfield town centre - by special invitation.