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a.1.Miry; slushy.
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A broader sludy of different defonnations might provide a picture of the relation of this transition to the amount of plastic deformation and aging temperature, from which one might estimate the lime needed lo reach this transitions in highly deformed materials.
11) See for example Donald G Bloesch's treatment of the Danish Lutheran theologian Regin Prenter (author of the classic Spiritus Creator: A Sludy on the Word and Spirit), The Holy Spirit, 244-246.
85 zoning Notes; The reported values arc average changes in land values (S/acre) and changes in total land value of the sludy area (million $;).
A Mixed Methods Sampling Methodology for a Multisite Case Sludy.
Readership sludy issue: Jan/Jun - in-house research
Ishida, Hiroshi; Muller, Walter y Ridge, John (1995): <<Class origin, ciass destinalion and education: across-national sludy of ten industrial countries>>, American Journal of Sociology, vol.