Sluice gate

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Not a sluice gate, or a painted scale upon a post or wall, showing the depth of water, but seemed to hint, like the dreadfully facetious Wolf in bed in Grandmamma's cottage, 'That's to drown YOU in, my dears!' Not a lumbering black barge, with its cracked and blistered side impending over them, but seemed to suck at the river with a thirst for sucking them under.
The deaths of three workers at a rain drainage reservoir construction site in Yangcheon-gu, southwestern Seoul, Wednesday, resulted from a lack of communication between the local government and the facility builder over a sluice gate opening, rescue authorities and police found, Thursday.
Dasti, chairman of his Pakistan Awami Raj Party, was arrested on June 08 for forcibly opening the sluice gate at a canal to release irrigation water to Dinga minor.
lifeless body from a sluice gate two kilometres away from the scene
Yorkshire Water engineers opened up a reservoir sluice gate in the Wessenden valley to ease pressure on the local reservoirs.
A BUILDER jemmied open a sluice gate to protect his own home from flooding, but swamped an entire village instead, a court heard.
"Replacing the second sluice gate will allow us to close water off to the current working wheel, known as the north water wheel, and finally replacing the third sluice gate will prevent a complete collapse of the gate and subsequent drainage of the millpond.
The governor's warning came a day after he received an order from Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to raise the barrier at the sluice gate in the Khlong Sam Wa canal to 1 meter to allow more water to flow under the gate.
They revealed his muddy trainer together with extra-large tracksuit bottoms and Ffion's empty brown handbag had been dumped on the day of the murder at a sluice gate in the town, half a mile from the scene.
The Auburn Pond dam, which was built in 1875 and is listed as a "significant hazard dam" by the state Department of Conservation and Recreation, last had major renovations in 1965, when a new sluice gate was added, according to Matthew C.
Michael Ingall, 67, was working on a small hydro electric energy plant near Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire, when he got caught in a sluice gate.