Small Business Administration

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Noun1.Small Business Administration - an independent agency of the United States government that protects the interests of small businesses and ensures that they receive a fair share of government contracts
independent agency - an agency of the United States government that is created by an act of Congress and is independent of the executive departments
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Union Bank) has made four appointments within the Small Business Administration Lending group, the company said.
Small Business Administration and the Department of Defense (DoD) is extended through September 30, 2006, by the attached amendment 2 to the agreement.
The Disaster Recovery Center in Oak View includes representatives from FEMA, the Small Business Administration and local county agencies and the American Red Cross.
Small Business Administration has delivered over 20 million loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counseling sessions and other forms of assistance to small businesses.
Small Business Administration neither solicits membership fees nor contacts businesses to obtain sensitive information about small businesses or individuals unless it is part of a particular matter pending before the agency (such as a loan application)," the agency said in a statement.
For this reason the Small Business Administration (SBA) a federal agency was created in 1953 to "maintain and strengthen the nation's economy by aiding counseling assisting and protecting the interests of small busts ness concerns and by helping families and businesses recover from natural disasters.
obtain a $485,000 Small Business Administration loan to purchase two adjacent properties: a 15,000 square-foot building at 2490 Atlantic Avenue, and a 13,000 square-foot edifice at 21 Snedeker Avenue.
You also can review current issues at a GSA business service center, a Small Business Administration office, a Commerce Department field office, your public library or online at cbdnet.
Among the critics were members of the president's Council of Economic Advisers, the White House science adviser, the Commerce, Transportation, Treasury, and Agriculture departments, and the Small Business Administration.
SSBICs are special-purpose venture capital firms authorized by the Small Business Administration to invest in small businesses owned by members of minority groups and economically disadvantaged individuals.
Small Business Administration, 1988), Smilor (1987) reported that almost twice as many firms succeeded as failed when participating in an incubator; a year later Kerr (1988) reported that 80% of incubator businesses were still in business 5 years after start-up: and two years later Gaulding (1989) reported "legitimate incubators increase their tenant companies' chance of success between 80 and 93% as compared with 20% in the general economy.

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