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Noun1.Viverricula - a genus of ViverridaeViverricula - a genus of Viverridae    
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
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In the recent years, leopards, chital, wild pig, brown palm civet, leopard cat, small Indian civet, langur, and bonnet macaque have been killed by motorists," Kulkarni pointed out.
Smaller carnivores include red panda, red fox, yellow-throated marten, Eurasian otter, Oriental small-clawed otter, spotted linsang, binturong, common palm civet, small Indian civet, large Indian civet, masked palm civet, marbled cat, fishing cat, Asiatic golden cat, and two species of mongoose.
53) mentions four species of civet in the section on Tigers, Leopards, Cats and Civets, and among these perhaps the most important for us is the small Indian civet, Viverricula malaccensis, which he states is found throughout India except Sind, Punjab, and parts of Western Rajasthan.

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