Small deer

petty game, not worth pursuing; - used metaphorically. (See citation from Shakespeare under the first definition, above.
- G. P. Marsh.

See also: Deer

References in classic literature ?
As we called to him he waved his cap, and stooping, lifted a small deer for our inspection.
They called out to us, and Ajor answered them; but her replies did not seem to satisfy them, for they gradually became threatening, and I think they were preparing to attack us when a small deer that had been hiding in some low brush suddenly broke cover and dashed across our front.
Rats and mice and such small deer,' as Shakespeare has it,
I remember running violently in and out among the moonlit bushes all round the sphinx, and startling some white animal that, in the dim light, I took for a small deer.
270 has a point-blank range of over 350 yards on even a small deer, a bighorn or an antelope, and that by holding high on the backbone, the hunter would not have to bother his pretty head unduly about trajectory even at 500 yards, which under most conditions is too far to shoot.
Falcons can also hunt rabbits, hares, pigeons, small birds and even very small deer.
Personally, I would much prefer the cover to show a youth or handicapped veteran with his/her cow elk, small deer, or antelope buck.
Dr Miller's team said in a study the 19 million-year-old creature's jaw bones suggest it was the size of a small deer and looked like a slim hippo.
ey included a small deer spotted walking in a street in Quinton and a woman wanting to reach her boyfriend - who had been arrested in London.
There were the ever-present plough areas where pigs had been rooting, a drag line across the road where an alligator had crossed from one side of the road culvert to the other, large sambar tracks, small deer tracks, raccoon, coyote, or maybe it was red wolf (there is an ongoing red wolf program on the island), the list goes on.
The small deer in the meadow down by the silver Waterfall gently stand their ground but there Is food enough for all, how happily they play as They raise their heads in joy to welcome the Soft warmth with the coming of the day, with The sun now raising higher sweet bird song fills The air and a cold soft winter's breeze can just Blow away your cares.
Roe deer Fairly small deer, they are indigenous to Britain and migrated into Wales in the early 1970s.

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