Small register

See the Note under 1st Register, 7.

See also: Small

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A year ago, the pair had a small register office wedding when John was seriously ill with testicular cancer, which spread to his chest and brain.
RedR UK has grown from a small register of volunteers, inspired by one man's personal experiences of working in a refugee camp, to an international organisation, which has deployed over 2,500 experts to worldwide relief efforts following disasters, and delivers training across the world.
They fell in love in 2003 and wed in January this year, in a small register office ceremony at Lichfield, Staffordshire.
In January they continued to keep things low-key by marrying at a small register office ceremony in Lichfield, Staffordshire with just 20 guests.
CROWDS of Westlife fans descended on a small register office in Ireland to catch a glimpse of band member Nicky Byrne.
More than 40 refugees packed into the small register office to watch the happy couple exchange their vows.
Their names, in a small register kept in Mr Masalila's tiny office, were penned beneath a list of Africans married there.
Asked if Dh20 on daily basis hurts the residents' budgets, Makawana said: "On the face of it, Dh20 daily does not seem like a lot, but for small registered companies, who are fighting for business and providing a salary and work for people, this is affecting their bottom line, and quite rightly they are requesting that we the residents/owners pay this fee.
In a classic case of gaining access to the market through a shell company (a small registered company doing virtually nothing other than fulfilling its obligations as a company), Shiner acquired the shareholding of a mining exploration company, Cartan Holdings Inc, and changed the name to Shiner International Inc.
Cerulli said its research suggested that independent broker-dealers and small registered investment advisors were the primary advisors for clients with $100,000 or less in investable assets.
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