Small wares

(Com.) various small textile articles, as tapes, braid, tringe, and the like.
- MCulloch.

See also: Small

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
And because these cunning men, are like haberdashers of small wares, it is not amiss to set forth their shop.
But these small wares, and petty points, of cunning, are infinite; and it were a good deed to make a list of them; for that nothing doth more hurt in a state, than that cunning men pass for wise.
Without giving herself time for a second thought, she rushed into the shop, pale, wild, desperate in gesture and expression, scowling portentously, and looking far better qualified to do fierce battle with a housebreaker than to stand smiling behind the counter, bartering small wares for a copper recompense.
Technolux, the country's biggest distributor of kitchen and laundry equipment and small wares for more than 43 years, has launched new business concepts that guarantee a quick return on investment at the recently concluded Franchise Asia 2019 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.
Technolux has grown from a small firm that supplied laundry and kitchen equipment to hotels in 1975 to become the largest importer and distributor of complete line of food service, small wares, laundry equipment and consumables in the country.
In addition to kitchen equipment, the group supplies high-quality food service and small wares to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, communities, pastry shops and supermarkets.
The unit is designed to carry a variety of products including small wares like a can of tomato paste, a large soup ladle or a one-pound can of pepper, making it custom tailored per user while minimizing loss, damage and trips to the truck.
50 Years Ago Nearness to the Albion Street Fire Station and the efficiency of the Fire Brigade turnout in Birmingham late last night restricted within a narrow area a fire at the factory of JR Gaunt and Son Ltd, manufacturers of badges and other small wares.
NEW YORK-Sales of stick goods and small wares, otherwise known as cleaning tools, rose sharply in 1997 as new channels of distribution opened their doors.
Still, microengineers say their field has reached a point at which they need to demonstrate more commercially viable applications for their small wares.
Beefing up the small wares and bulky plastics mix is part of Grand Union's strategy to increase product variety in its stores, said Bob Pikarsky, housewares category manager for the chain, based here.

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