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 (smô′lē), Richard Errett 1943-2005.
American chemist who shared a 1996 Nobel Prize for discovering fullerenes.
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Noun1.Smalley - American chemist who with Robert Curl and Harold Kroto discovered fullerenes and opened a new branch of chemistry (born in 1943)
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Smalley, of the firm of Skipp and Smalley, asked for it.
But I had a hold over Skipp and Smalley which made my course in this matter a comparatively easy one.
Smalley's; and, owing to this sort of indirect connection with me, Skipp and Smalley had, for some years past, picked up the crumbs that fell from my table, in the shape of cases brought to my office, which, for various reasons, I did not think it worth while to undertake.
Skipp and Smalley had found it necessary to examine Lady Verinder's will."
Smalley back to my office in company with his brother.
Smalley, "between the risk of losing your client's business and the risk of losing Mine." Quite indefensible, I admit--an act of tyranny, and nothing less.
So let's suppose Smalley and Roco are wrong, and such nanobots are possible.
Tim Smalley and Jonathan Taylor added 101 for the first wicket in 15 overs when Tudhoe met Crook Town.
(ENS) -- Bishop William Smalley of Kansas has told clergy that he will begin authorizing limited blessing of non-married people.
Smalley Steel Ring Company was established in 1918 as a supplier of precision automotive piston rings.
After more than 10 years since its last effort together, the Can I Say lineup of Dag Nasty--guitarist Brian Baker, singer Dave Smalley, drummer Colin Sears, and bassist Roger Marbury--have re-formed once again.
Now we have the photographs of Luke Smalley, culled from work he produced over the last decade of our own fin de siecle.