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 (smô′lē), Richard Errett 1943-2005.
American chemist who shared a 1996 Nobel Prize for discovering fullerenes.
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Noun1.Smalley - American chemist who with Robert Curl and Harold Kroto discovered fullerenes and opened a new branch of chemistry (born in 1943)
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Smalley, of the firm of Skipp and Smalley, asked for it.
But I had a hold over Skipp and Smalley which made my course in this matter a comparatively easy one.
Smalley's; and, owing to this sort of indirect connection with me, Skipp and Smalley had, for some years past, picked up the crumbs that fell from my table, in the shape of cases brought to my office, which, for various reasons, I did not think it worth while to undertake.
Skipp and Smalley had found it necessary to examine Lady Verinder's will.
Smalley back to my office in company with his brother.
Smalley chose his alternative, without a moment's hesitation.
Lake Zurich High School to partner with Smalley Steel Ring
Josephine Smalley spent five hours in an ambulance and two hours on a trolley in a corridor at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth.
By the time Josephine Smalley, 89, was taken into hospital she had suffered a stroke.
Smalley examines the colonization of American animals as a separate strand interwoven into a larger story of English colonization in North America.
With fellow striker Aaron Collins attracting interest from Championship clubs, Feeney, who took over the managerial reins from John Sheridan earlier this month, has moved swiftly to sign free agent John-Christophe Ayina, Irish under-21 hitman Conor Wilkinson on a one-month loan from Bolton and Deane Smalley on loan for the rest of the season from Plymouth Argyle.
Smalley arrives at the club on loan for the rest of the season from Plymouth Argyle, while Wilkinson comes in on a one-month loan from Bolton Wanderers.