adv.1.In a small quantity or degree; with minuteness.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Paul Small "Smally" you've been there with me from the beginning to the end and at England national team.
"Mighty Melvin the Magnificent Mouse!" is another exciting title by the author of "The Scallywag Solution." Written in heroic, dramatic almost-verse narrative, with exaggerated, humongous comic style illustrations, "Mighty Melvin the Magnificent Mouse!" is the unlikely story of a Smally mouse who is under the persuasion that he is a Biggy hero with mousey muscles.
What she has failed to disclose is she has a Facebook account in a name of Serena Marie Smally Jnr."
Rupert, Digger, Criniesy, Polly, Smally, Charlie, Lodgy, Bdye, Lute and part timer Johnny Fire Slaithwaite
A variety of interventions aimed at reducing delays in IV-tPA administration for eligible patients with stroke have been investigated (Drescher, Spence, Rockwell, Staff, & Smally, 2011; Eissa, Krass, & Bajorek, 2012; Muller-Bama, Schwamm, & Haberl, 2012).
Birmingham-born Sturridge later uploaded a video of the birthday stunt on his Facebook page, while Gerrard posted it to Instagram and said: "All the lads wishing our masseur Smally a happy 50th birthday with a quick dip in the ice bath!" The high-jinks appear to show the squad in an upbeat mood ahead of their crunch clash against Uruguay today.
The editor, Sri Lankan journalist Rex deSilva, had told us he had been given a month to transform the smally weekly into a daily by September 1990.
I know you're there Agent Smally, HA, HA, HA, HA!" he laughed.
Although his Stuart Smally character got old very quickly, he did a wonderful Paul Tsongas impression.