n.1.A salt glaze on pottery, made by adding common salt to an earthenware glaze.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Accident and Emergency Ward at the Mafraq Government Hospital received two men, aged 63 and 25, with bullet wounds, according to the hospital's director Smeir Mashagbeh, who said one of the injured was struck in the leg and the other had wounds in different parts of the body.
The source added to NINA reporter : "The arrest and seizing of the weapons cache conducted in Smeir area on the Iraqi-Saudi border west of Anbar.
Edinburgh amateur welterweight Gary Young (Gilmerton) beat Bosnian Smeir Islamovic in Sarajevo at the European Junior Championships, while light-middleweight Brian Peacock of Barrhead took care of Lithuanian Vladimir Milevsky.
But one word in this phonaesthetic group might: Scots smeir, English smear.
There are a number of occasions in English, such as head, dead, well, where this did not happen because a short variant of the word was also present.(3) The development of a short variant of smeir after this stage of the Great Vowel Shift was complete would give /smir/.(4)
Its major problem is that in all dialects of Scots where smirr is found, smeir also occurs.
For whatever reason, /smi(:)r/ became associated with the greater part of the semantic field of smeir, while /smir/ was associated solely with one specific, although by no means uncommon, meaning.