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n.1.One who smells, or perceives by the sense of smell; one who gives out smell.
2.The nose.
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"They could travel no further because of the high mountains which ring in the land, so say the old voices of our fathers that have descended to us the children, and so says Gagool, the wise woman, the smeller out of witches," and again he pointed to the snow-clad peaks.
Tenders are invited for Road Transport Contract of Aluminium Metal Rolled Products from NALCOs Smeller Plant at Angul to M/s MSMRTC Depot at Aurargabad, Nagpur & Pune
Adolph Hitler became "Moustache Smeller", while Mussolini was -Big Gourd Chin".
Clearly, as explored above in regards to masculinity especially, when the smeller is in charge of defining moral and social standing in society by judging and interpreting other people's bodies, this most often results in judgment and discipline for the person being smelled.
For example, Downy encouraged shoppers to mix their own scent by combining two different products, supported by a website featuring a "Fortune Smeller. "Its exceptional performance in Indonesia was helped by the launch of its own online interactive drama series called "The Scent of Passion."
Maxim Gorky, for example: "His frame, sturdily-built but anaemic, appeared essentially as a support for his head, an ordinary, Russian man-in-the-street's head, bony and pitted, really almost ugly with its jutting cheek-bones, great thin-lipped mouth and professional smeller's nose, broad and peaked." A recurring motif of these depictions is the subsequent fate of the person described: so-and-so disappeared, or was deported to Kamchatka, or committed suicide in 1936 or 1937.
Odors exist as compounds that move through the air or water and settle on olfactory neurons in "whiffs." The time between whiffs depends on the distance between the smeller and the source of the smell.
"We are really excited about this smeller format and see a potential for up to 300 stores of this size."
(19) Each notes a different and unlikely quality of the wine: the smeller notices "leather," while the taster detects "iron." No one else cantaste either of these imperfections in the wine, and the wine-seller dismisses the negative assessments, stating that there is no way that his wine has been contaminated by these substances.
* Small nuclear reactor technology offers a host of benefits over traditional large reactors--namely, a smeller footprint, scalable design, factory-based construction, portability, and passive safety features.
A year earlier, taking the same antibiotic for two weeks did nothing for the smeller. It has been working well for the past seven years without further treatment.
FIERCE Freddie the Frightening Fryer and Super Sally Smoke Smeller have joined the fight to snuff out chip pan fires.