Smelting furnace

(Metal.) a furnace in which ores are smelted or reduced.

See also: Smelting

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The production volume of ferronickel was lower compared to 1Q16 production in line with the works of the roof replacement of the Electric Smelting Furnace (ESF)-3 and optimization of FeNi III ferronickel plant production facilities.
7.Which four letter word beginning with 'F' is the flowing in of the tide, and a substance used in a smelting furnace to make the metals melt more easily?
Zhezkazgan copper-smelting plant of Kazakhmys Smelting LLP has resumed work at full capacity: the second ore smelting furnace was launched, Trend reports citing the Kazakh media.
We have identified one of the most important metallurgical sites in Northern Chile and a kind of smelting furnace previously unreported in the literature, a furnace whose operation and technology were unknown to date.
Shahid Sajjad's art is where his spirit and mission live among his carving tools, his smelting furnace and yet to be completed work.
In order to further reduce the consumption values of such a system and thus to increase both energy efficiency and resource conservation, the smelting furnace manufacturer, ZPF GmbFI, has now extended its concept with additional components: By incorporating a so-called burner air preheating, in which the warm exhaust gas volume flow is passed through a pipe system to a heat exchanger, the system operator has more room for maneuver--with lower pollutant emissions and lower gas consumption.
Now Fabrimetal is expanding its factory and installing a fourth smelting furnace, which should double the plant's monthly production capacity to 15,000 tonnes.
I believe it's time for all those metal containers to be scrapped and consigned to a smelting furnace in a foundry.
The adequate nickels and expropriated gold objects were sent for melting in a Swiss smelting furnace, were turned into functional monetary gold and were then included in the foreign exchange reserves of the Republic of Macedonia.
The water model used in our experiment references a company's bottom blown oxygen copper smelting furnace as shown in Figure 1.