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In the past twenty years or so, musicological research has been conspicuously silent regarding the "father of Czech music", Bedrich Smetana (Marta Ottlova, Milan Pospisil, John Tyrrell, and Kelly St Pierre.
Despite the popularity of Bedrich Smetana's music, no author of a substantial book-length piece has taken the task to reevaluate his life and work in a while.
Bedrich Smetana: Ma vlast Piano Duo Trenkner / Speidel: Evelinde Trenkner & Sontraud Speidel Text: EN, FR, GE.
With that promise, I accepted the invite to join them, along with friends John Snow, Cory Peterson, and Dusan Smetana.
The resident orchestra of the CCP will perform Bedrich Smetana's 'Die Moldau (Vltava) No.
Smetana as chief financial officer and Nicholas Hilton as executive vice president of leasing.
Mack-Cali Realty (CLI) announced changes to its executive management team with the appointments of David Smetana as CFO and Nicholas Hilton as executive vice president of leasing.
This father and son duo will come together for a two-piano performance with pieces by Smetana, Schubert, Ravel and Rachmaninov.
In spite of this effort, it is necessary to increase substantially the very preliminary faunistic knowledge on the approximately 240-250 species of Aphodiinae, Scarabaeinae and Geotrupidae dung beetles currently recognized (Carpaneto et al., 2000; Lobl and Smetana, 2006).