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Noun1.Adam Smith - Scottish economist who advocated private enterprise and free trade (1723-1790)Adam Smith - Scottish economist who advocated private enterprise and free trade (1723-1790)
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30pm ST HELENS SELECT v Sheffield Eagles (from): Aaron Smith, Adam Swift, Alex Eckley, Ben Morris, Callum Hazard, Cameron Brown, Chris Follin, Danny Richardson, Dominique Peyroux, Jack Ashworth, Jake Spedding, James Bentley, John Hutchings, Jorge Lewtas, Josh Eaves, Kevin Brown, Kyle Amor, Liam Cooper, Mathew Costello, Matty Lees, Matty Smith, Regan Grace, Rob Fairclough, Ryan Morgan, Theo Fages, Tom Nisbet.
Acklam: George Briggs, Joseph Storey, Freddie Penketh, Ethan Wheeldon, Fletcher Smith, Lewis Wentworth, Charlie Clayton, Dean Grantham, Jack Perkin, Amir Kadir, Flynn Kelly, Joe Lofts, Bradley Smith, Adam Warwick.
Westoe have boost their squad, with Chris Smith, Adam Howe, Kyle Young and Kenny Lazenby set to be involved for the first time.
Gilmour and his crew of Chris Smith, Adam Negri and Jack Breislin won the first match race.
Pascal's tenure brought a flood of ambitious and inventive movies that traded on relationships with stars and filmmakers like Will Smith, Adam McKay and Adam Sandler.
Calum Smith, Adam Nelson and Roddy Maclennan all scorned a host of early chances for Rose then McGurn made a brilliant save from Colin Strickland's free–kick.
Goals from 31-year-old Herd, Colin Strickland, Andy Shirra, Calum Smith, Adam Nelson and a Tommy Coyne double secured the points Rose needed to lift the trophy and leave their 10-man rivals stunned.
Honoured: Louis Smith, Adam Gemili, Ellie Simmonds and Laura Trott arrive at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards in London.
So box office winners like Will Smith, Adam Sandler and Meryl Streep, and TV actors such as Mark Harmon and Ed O'Neill are big stars in their own realms--but not in the world of celebrity gossip.
Whitney Smith, Christopher Smith, Adam Souza, Joseph Sparks, Michael Stoddard, John Stone, Jason Svilar, Sarah Sweider, Ryan Tate, Sara Tedeschi, Zachary Thrall, Ayasha Thurman, Colton Thurman, Tyler Tichota, Chaz Trumbull,
Below, Professor Paul Hardaker with pupils from Kenton School, left to right, Cerys Smith, Adam Thompson, Neil McAllister, and Callum Williams