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n.1.Light, fine rain.
2.Fragments; atoms; finders.
Smash the bottle to smithers.
- Tennyson.
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said the lady abbess, as the aforesaid Miss Smithers proceeded to go into hysterics of four young lady power.
Lor, Miss Smithers, dear,' said the other nine-and-twenty boarders.
I wish Bill Smithers had trod on my hand, in- steader me treddin' on his'n.
The old lady nearly blowed us into shivers and smithers, many times.
Oswald, my second (ten and a half), is the child who contributed two and nine-pence to the Great National Smithers Testimonial.
There's really not a lot to say about Chris Smither that hasn't been said a million times - he's a master lyricist and a consummate performer, imbuing a song with an earthiness and humanity that makes it easy to sink into.
Lane County sheriff's deputies have identified the victim of a fatal Thursday evening car crash as 26-year-old Springfield resident Morgan Tara Marie Smither.
The English translation by Smither (church history and intercultural studies, Liberty U.
With over twenty books of entertaining fiction to her name, Elizabeth Smither shows much of her experience in "Horse Playing the Accordion".
CHRIS SMITHER ``Leave the Light On'' (Signature Sounds) - Three stars
Smither brings to a triumphant conclusion his survey of the oratorio, a project that he began in the early 1960s and that led first to the publication of the two substantial volumes of The Oratorio in the Baroque Era in 1977, followed by The Oratorio in the Classic Era in 1987.
Back in 1953, Charles Reese Smither made a decision that would change his life.