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 (smĭth′sən), James 1765-1829.
British chemist, mineralogist, and philanthropist. His bequest of over $500,000 to the United States helped establish (1846) the Smithsonian Institution.


(Biography) James. original name James Lewes Macie. 1765–1829, English chemist and mineralogist, who left a bequest to found the Smithsonian Institution


(ˈsmɪθ sən)

James, 1765–1829, English chemist and mineralogist.
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Smithson, 62, said after a long career he is looking forward to enjoying some of his hobbies.
Response," Smithson and Levy acknowledge a significant threat but argue that it has been inflated by hyperbole.
As Smithson and his colleagues watched the fossil emerge from the rock, they discovered signs that this creature had lived on land, making it the earliest known animal with a backbone to conquer the continents.
Robert Smithson is becoming recognized as one of the most important figures in American art and anti-art since the 1950s.
Through these three individuals we see the studio in various incarnations: as a business overseen by "executive artist" Stella; as Factory managed by Warhol; and as the space of modernism from which Smithson emerges - scapes
James Smithson would perhaps be better remembered today as a mineral collector had his great collection not perished and any detailed description of it been lost.
A police officer was parked in Millfield when he spotted Smithson travelling in a Peugeot 206 and decided to pursue him, Mr Davies said.
The recruitment poster had been found by book dealer Anthony Smithson when he unpacked a collection of Durham Light Infantry keepsakes which he bought at auction.
This is the question posed and to be answered by Leah Smithson in her new art venture.
When, in 1968, Robert Smithson loaded the back of a station wagon with rocks from New Jersey and brought them across the Hudson to New York's Dwan Gallery for one of his non-sites, he was performing a material relocation that would have been familiar to countless medieval pilgrims returning home with relics from holy sites.
DAD Dave Smithson keeps his horse on British Steel-owned land - but said the issue is not one of money.

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