Smithsonian Institution

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Smithsonian Institution

(Named Buildings) a national museum and institution in Washington, D.C., founded in 1846 from a bequest by James Smithson, primarily concerned with ethnology, zoology, and astrophysics

Smith•so′ni•an Institu′tion

(smɪθˈsoʊ ni ən)
an institution and national museum in Washington, D.C., founded in 1846 with a grant from James Smithson.
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Founded in August 1846 by an act of Congress for the "increase and diffusion of knowledge," the Smithsonian Institution is comprised of nineteen museums and galleries, twenty libraries, the National Zoological Park and numerous research centers.
The collection of artifacts was given to The Smithsonian Institution in 1925; last fall it was divided among facilities in suburban Maryland, the National Mall in Washington, DC, and the Customs House across from Battery Park in New York, NY.
The Smithsonian Institution is a magical place that celebrates not only our resources, but also our resourcefulness," said CAA's Bruce Vinokour.
The Smithsonian Institution wants a piece of Southern California history - items from a notorious El Monte sweatshop where more than 70 Thai nationals labored for months, and even years, in slavelike conditions.
There's nothing anywhere near it in size and age," says Nancy Bechtol, director of horticulture for the Smithsonian Institution.
The traveling art exhibit, showing through June I at the Smithsonian Institution Arts and Industries Building in Washington, D.
edu) The site features items from "the nation's attic," as the Smithsonian Institution is called, from the ruby slippers that got Dorothy out of Oz to an Apollo 17 space suit.
The ultra-prestigious MacArthur Fellows Program, nicknamed the Genius Grant, has inducted into its 2000 class Williams, 48, a professor at Columbia University Law School, and Willis, 52, curator for Smithsonian Institution Anacostia Museum and Center for African-American History and Culture Exhibitions.
into the Smithsonian Institution, where he meets just about everyone in America's past, exhibitions come to life, Lindbergh takes him for a ride (within the building) in The Spirit of St Louis, he is seduced by Mrs.
Recently; the Universal Product Code (UPC) was thrown an all-day birthday blast and symposium at The Smithsonian Institution, with academic researchers and retail executives in attendance.
Claudine Brown, Assistant Secretary for Education and Access for the Smithsonian Institution, will formally present HistoryMiami with its Certificate of Affiliation.

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