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A firefighter who drops by parachute into a forest fire.


(ˈsmoʊkˌdʒʌm pər)

a firefighter who parachutes to forest fires inaccessible to ground crews.
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However, I think my favorite series is the Dangerous Jobs in Action, which includes Bomb Squad Technicians in Action, Deep-Sea Fishermen in Action, Fighter Pilots in Action, Ice Road Truckers in Action, Oil Rig Workers in Action, Smoke Jumpers in Action, Stunt Performers in Action, and SWAT Team Members in Action.
To our surprise, a captain from the smoke jumpers, stationed in Los Angeles, stepped out of the chopper looking like Cool Hand Luke.
Crews and equipment employed to fight the fire Friday included three helicopters, eight rappellers and smoke jumpers, three 20-person crews, a 10-person squad and two single-engine air tankers.
From smoke jumpers and lumberjacks to ranchers and farmers to the manufacturing plant worker, the lace-up leather boot is a staple of hardworking men and women throughout our frontier's history.
is an Idaho fire department's sole female, trying out for the elite Smoke Jumpers.
We share so much with these firefighters and smoke jumpers - how they're protecting our nation around-the-clock, and responding to the needs of our citizens at a moment's notice," Rear Adm.
The always-depend able Radclyffe has published another volume in her "First Responders" series, this time taking place among smoke jumpers in the northern Rockies.
During this time, the aircraft was used to transport sick sled dogs to veterinarians, animal carcasses, smoke jumpers, firefighters to nearby fire sites, human remains to burial sites, prisoners and their armed guards when requested by the Department of Justice, and little leaguers and their coaches to their games.
WE'RE now building up to a tense season finale next week, as poor Vince needs to solidify his part in Smoke Jumpers.
An adventurer herself, Bove solicited stories of women who work in and have written about such nontraditional professions as park rangers, field scientists, dogmushers, and smoke jumpers.
A decade ago Tess's parents died in a barn fire; now she's one of the best smoke jumpers in the business--but has yet to face her loss.