Smoke ball

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1.Same as Puffball.
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Carbolic Smoke Ball, a UK-based gift site for the legal profession, features Christmas cards which provide a play on the word "Claus.
We've gone through quite a history on this, from using carbolic smoke balls to iodine lockets hung round the neck in the early 20th century.
The tension escalated after angry protesters started throwing stones, smoke balls, bottles, and tomatoes at the police.
And, as they're waiting, they tend to set off a few sparklers, smoke balls, cracker snaps and party poppers of their own.
The hit list includes fireworks commonly labeled ``safe and sane'' - fountains, smoke balls, snakes, ground spinners and pinwheels.
A group of four unidentified men threw smoke balls at JR Shinjuku Station in downtown Tokyo on Wednesday night, filling part of the city's busiest station with smoke and the stench of powder, police said.