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n. Mythology
The Toltec and Aztec god of darkness and discord, sometimes represented as a jaguar, who was worshiped as co-creator of the world along with his adversary Quetzalcoatl.
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Yepez's shingle Carnaval Cine, formed with helmet Sebastian Cordero and thesp-scribe Andres Crespo, is producing Ecuador's first 3D toon, "The Smoking Mirror," and will distributeCordero's "Europa Report.
But on looking into the Smoking Mirror he was confounded by a prophecy of the death of gods.
The woman bore four sons: Smoking Mirror, Feathered Snake, Southern Hummingbird, and Painted Bell.
They see through the smoking mirrors, 'yung mga bonggang lights, mga videos.
David Knopov's Smoking Mirrors exhibition, at 92 Degrees Coffee Shop, on Hardman Street, is a mixture of old and new works, based on Hockneystyle prints he first produced in 1992.
Stepping on a nearly empty stage in his signature all-black outfit, Blaine told the crowd that welcomed him with a cheer: "I don't have smoking mirrors.
The dream is unattainable, the product of smoking mirrors, PR spin and airbrushing.
Fortunately there are many people in this country who are not fooled by the smoking mirrors that the publicity machine of the Windsor family generate.