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 (smŏl′ĭt), Tobias George 1721-1771.
British writer known for his adventure novels, such as Roderick Random (1748) and Peregrine Pickle (1751).


(Biography) Tobias George. 1721–71, Scottish novelist, whose picaresque satires include Roderick Random (1748), Peregrine Pickle (1751), and Humphry Clinker (1771)


(ˈsmɒl ɪt)

Tobias George, 1721–71, English novelist.
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Noun1.Smollett - Scottish writer of adventure novels (1721-1771)Smollett - Scottish writer of adventure novels (1721-1771)
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Captain Smollett, sir, axing to speak with you," said he.
I don't like them, sir," returned Captain Smollett.
Sir," said Captain Smollett, "with no intention to take offence, I deny your right to put words into my mouth.
Captain Smollett," began the doctor with a smile, "did ever you hear the fable of the mountain and the mouse?
Fielding and Smollett could portray the beastliness of their day in the beastliest language; we have plenty of foul subjects to deal with in our day, but we are not allowed to approach them very near, even with nice and guarded forms of speech.
I happen to know that Smollett wrote Peregrine Pickle.
I filled an application blank and the librarian handed me the collected and entirely unexpurgated works of Smollett in one huge volume.
Actor Jussie Smollett was the first of Cirrincione's roster of more than two dozen clients to publicly announce that he has "severed all ties with Cirrincione & associates" after reading The Post's story.
Pam Perkins (chapter two) considers the controversial encroachments of fiction on travel writing--an embarrassment that was not confined, of course, to Scotland, although her essay reminds us how many notable eighteenth-century British travel writers were Scots, including novelists Tobias Smollett and John Moore.
More recent essays--including one by Misty Anderson, who discusses the ways in which Smollett moderates some of his earlier scathing indictments of Methodism, and another by Annika Mann, who uses the subfields of digital humanities and ecocriticism to read the novel--provide new directions in Smollett studies.
The Expedition of Humphry Clinker by Tobias Smollett (1771) A comic travelogue with multiple narrators.