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Noun1.Triturus vulgaris - small semiaquatic salamanderTriturus vulgaris - small semiaquatic salamander  
newt, triton - small usually bright-colored semiaquatic salamanders of North America and Europe and northern Asia
genus Triturus, Triturus - chiefly aquatic salamanders
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The annual reproductive cycle of the smooth newt (Tri turns vulgaris) in England./.
it into Sadly it away Bosses called in an entomologist who identified the refugee as a common smooth newt. The expert said they go into hiding at this time of year.
Staff spotted the smooth newt crawling about in the reception area of the organisation's office at Newburn Riverside, Newcastle.
The smooth newt is the commonest in Wales, especially in the western uplands.
The flood plain and even old brickyards is the natural habitat for the great crested newt, whereas the smooth newt is much more adaptable.
We conducted a laboratory experiment with two species of European newts, the smooth newt, Triturus vulgaris, and Montandon's newt, T.
THE smooth newt is Britain's most common and thrives on a diet of worms, slugs, flies and frog-spawn.
The common frog is our most frequently found amphibian, followed by common toad, smooth newt and great crested newt.
The six amphibian types living in Wales are the common frog and common toad, natterjack toad, palmate newt, great crested newt and smooth newt. Newts are best detected in the water at the edge of ponds by torchlight after dark.
They include the common frog, common toad, natterjack toad, palmate newt, great crested newt and smooth newt.

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