Smooth log

(Naut.) a clean copy of the rough log. In the case of naval vessels this copy is forwarded to the proper officer of the government.

See also: Log

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Can't seem to make a smooth log? After rolling In plastic wrap, place In a paper towel cardboard insert cut to fit the roll.
Referring to Figure 1, the best RMSE results for 1D TV denoising with convex [l.sub.1] penalty [21] and smooth log penalty [7] are 0.2720 and 0.2611, respectively.
Caption: Figure 1: Total variation denoising with nonconvex nonsmooth [l.sub.0] penalty (RMSE = 0.1709), compared with convex [l.sub.l] penalty [21] (RMSE = 0.2720) and smooth log penalty [7] (RMSE = 0.2611).
Using paper, begin rolling dough back and forth to form a smooth log. Wrap paper around log and refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight.
"I made a place to store bags of seed on the tractor, and when I run out of seed I just pour more in the mailbox, l attached an ordinary garden rake behind the pipes to cover the seed and drag a smooth log behind to cover the seed.
With floured hands, gently form a smooth log by first folding dough in half, then pinching a seam where halves join (photo B).
Shape each half into a smooth log about 12 inches long.
Diving smooth logs are not filled out correctly and are not signed by diving supervisor or by diving officer.
* Diving smooth logs are not filled out correctly and are not signed by the diving supervisor or the diving officer.
Large, heavy objects can be moved with rollers sections of pipe, or smooth logs. Use a lever to lift the object, and slip a roller under it.
We are already working an upgrade (version 5.1.4) due to problems with viewing command smooth logs (CSLs), and the compression routine, which randomly leaves out dives from the database when creating DRS reports.