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v. t.1.To smother. See Smoor.
Some dying vomit blood, and some were smored.
- Du Bartas.
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si che, bassando il viso, tutto smore, / e d'ogni suo difetto allor sospira: Gorni interprets the traditional pallor of the lover as penitence, signifying that Beatrice is bringing salvation to the soul: "Il tradizionale pallor amantium e qui interpretato in versione penitenziale, e insomma salvifica" (112).
Aquarysta Mineral make-up is smore effective in warmer weather to avoid the melted look.
There are double-layer cakes in Smore, Chocolate Marshmallow and Thin Mint flavors and single-layer Brownie Sundae cakes in Caramel Nut and Chocolate flavors.
WELSHMAN Dave Brailsford believe smore stringent drugtesting is beginning to have a positive impact on the sport as his Great Britain cycling team prepare for a gold medal assault at the Olympics.
101]), the prideful Lucifer, somewhat humorously, accuses Second Devil: "ye smore me in smoke" (l.
It states that smore is now found in Scots and northern dialect.
As of June 2003, no requests have been made for a change, and it is felt that this is due to the fact that mentees choose their mentors which provide smore ownership and engagement in the process.
He married Jessie "Yvonne" Smore on April 16, 1943.
We have coined the term SMORE (Surrogate Measure Of Reliable Evidence) to describe studies that use an intermediate outcome for which there is good evidence of a causal chain that affects patient-oriented outcomes.
Why should conservatives be smore critical of social history than, for example, intellectual, political or economic history?
It suggests as etymology that smirr is `poss onomat, w infl f smore and smuir'.
And it may be so because there is smore in Benjamin's Reproducibility piece than what has been found objectionable.