Snag boat

a steamboat fitted with apparatus for removing snags and other obstructions in navigable streams.

See also: Snag

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Participants should meet in the Snag Boat Bend parking area, about 11 miles north of Harrisburg on Peoria Road.
Shreve then invented the snag boat to remove snags, logs, and debris from the main channels of the Mississippi River and its tributaries.
In 1829, Shreve built his first snag boat, the Heliopolis, and began to remove the incredible amount of snags, drifts, islands, logs, and parts of trees in the main Mississippi channel and then hundreds of miles of debris in the Red River channel that had accumulated over centuries.
The National Recovery Act allocated more than $42 million to the River Commission in 1934 alone, with 85 Memphis firms providing snag boats, steam boats, dredges, motor boats, contract construction, and laborers to perform work along 110,000 miles of use.
The bridge at the Snag Boat Bend Unit of Finley National Wildlife area has been closed as a safety precaution, while a section of Forest Road 21 on the Willamette National Forest is closed for repairs.
Foot traffic and bicycles may access the Snag Boat Bend Unit through a gate on the east side of the bridge.
A "grand opening" for the new Snag Boat Bend refuge unit, located off Peoria Road about two miles south of Peoria, begins at 10 a.m.
Snag Boat Bend, a 340-acre refuge located at the confluence of Lake Creek and the Willamette River about 12 miles north of Harrisburg on Peoria Road, will have its "grand opening" Saturday, May 10.
That date was chosen because it is International Waterfowl Day, and Snag Boat Bend will primarily be a safe haven for ducks and geese, which are attracted by its ponds, sloughs, wetlands and more than a mile of river and stream frontage.
That 5,300-acre refuge is located about three miles to the west of Snag Boat Bend on the opposite side of the Willamette River.
The National Fish and Wildlife Service acquired the Snag Boat Bend property - named after a huge S-curve in the Willamette River where snags accumulate - from the Nature Conservancy.
The National Wildlife Refuge System that now includes Snag Boat Bend encompasses more than 93 million acres on 540 separate refuges.