Snail shell

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(Zool.) the shell of snail.

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Because heteroscedasticity was detected with the Levene's test, the nonparametric Mann-Whitney rank sum test (U) was used to compare the overall means of snail shell height, snail mass, and survival 70 d after hatch between annual and perennial treatments.
It was found that if the snail shell was cracked and the snail's branchial gland removed, its juice when extracted and put in a clear bowl and placed in the sunlight caused something stunning to happen: The juice, which was white, turned greeny-yellow, then a definite green, then violet before finally turning red and darkening as the minutes ticked by.
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has opened a newly constructed boat dock for mooring along Snail Shell Harbor at Fayette Historic State Park in Delta County.
6 carat ruby surrounded by sea snail shell and black mother of pearl, for a cool Dhs 14,000 (3390 euros).
Range minimum-maximum (mean [+ or -] standard deviation) of snail shell diameter (mm) Species Winter Spring B.
hupensis was collected by gently crushing the snail shell after cleaning any water on snail surface and foot with absorbent tissue paper.
Inspired by the natural geometry of a snail shell, he plans to form the huge property out of two vast curved roundhouses.
The Minaret of Samarra, also known as the Malwiya, after the Arabic word for a snail shell, spirals up from the ground and dominates its Samarra setting in the Tigris valley.
The TG-DTA thermogram of dead snail shell (Fig 1) shows a weight loss of 42.
Parameters used for calculating heat exchange between the rock surface and the snail shell or between the sky and the snail shell are the same as those given in Denny and Harley (2006) and Miller (2008).
Red giraffe-necked weevils use their necks to fight each other, while a spider hauls an empty snail shell up into a bush to use as a shelter from the heat.
Students circle the snail shell, snail body, and snail food.