Snake gourd

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(Bot.) a cucurbitaceous plant (Trichosanthes anguina) having the fruit shorter and less snakelike than that of the serpent cucumber.

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The list includes purple yam, long yard beans, cucumber, aubergine, pumpkin, papaya, bitter gourd, snake gourd, tomatoes, pineapples, green chillies, jackfruit, bananas, potatoes, beetroots, ginger, and much more.
Snake gourd, any vegetable that you can think of, was richer there.
The EU had, on Monday, notified its decision to ban mangoes, eggplant, bitter gourd, snake gourd and taro from India with effect from May 1.
Hasanuzzaman (1999) reported that in snake gourd (Trichosanthes cucumerina L.
Plants I have had most success with In vegetables, bitter gourd, snake gourd, beans, spinach and okra.
Grapes from the interior region close to Velvetithurai, rice, onions, chili, vegetables and fruits ranging from the perennial favourites like kankun, snake gourd, cucumber, spinach, papaw, and the famous Jaffna mangoes were selling fast.
Amongst the three ghaf trees and fruit trees, is another tree where a long, over-sized snake gourd hangs that measures more than 2m long.
This yearEoe1/4aos master crop is a snake gourd with a record 188cm in length which has been exhibited at Lulu Hypermarket.
One is a long, ornamental gourd that develops a hard shell when ripe; the other is the waxy-skinned snake gourd discussed here, a vegetable described botanically as Trichosanthes anguina or T.
In May, 2014 a ban was imposed by the European Commission on imports of mangoes, bitter gourd, egg plant, snake gourd and taro leaves from India on grounds of interceptions of harmful organisms leading to fears on account of biosecurity of the region.
You can read more of his articles about mouse melons, snake gourds, cornelian cherries and other rare heirloom crops at www.
We present three of them in this issue: high-protein amaranth (Page 48), super-nutritious purslane (Page 55) and exotic snake gourds (Page 116).