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1. Any of numerous scaly, legless, sometimes venomous squamate reptiles of the suborder Serpentes (or Ophidia), having a long, tapering, cylindrical body and flexible jaws.
2. A treacherous person. Also called snake in the grass.
3. A long, highly flexible metal wire or coil used for cleaning drains. Also called plumber's snake.
v. snaked, snak·ing, snakes
1. To drag or pull lengthwise, especially to drag with a rope or chain.
2. To pull with quick jerks.
3. To move in a sinuous or gliding manner: tried to snake the rope along the ledge.
To move with a sinuous motion: The river snakes through the valley.

[Middle English, from Old English snaca.]

Snake 1

n. pl. Snake or Snakes

Snake 2

See Hydra.


See also animals; reptiles.

1. an abnormal fear of snakes. Also ophiophobia.
2. herpetophobia.
a description of snakes. — ophiographic, adj.
the worship of snakes. — ophiolater, n.
the branch of herpetology that studies snakes. Also called snakeology, snakology. — ophiologist, n. — ophiologic, ophiological, adj.
a form of divination involving snakes.
References in classic literature ?
I sat down in the middle of the garden, where snakes could scarcely approach unseen, and leaned my back against a warm yellow pumpkin.
Climb up the hill to the old fort and look at the little wriggling gold snakes, and watch the lizards sun themselves.
Do the Delawares crawl upon those they love like snakes, twisting themselves to strike?
All the oarsmen are involved in its perilous contortions; so that to the timid eye of the landsman, they seem as Indian jugglers, with the deadliest snakes sportively festooning their limbs.
The lard was finished on the floor above, and it came in little jets, like beautiful, wriggling, snow-white snakes of unpleasant odor.
I don't care where,--into the swamp among the snakes,--anywhere
There was pap looking wild, and skipping around every which way and yelling about snakes.
He knows if they live in such hot climates it must make them lazy and slow; and the parrots and tigers and snakes and bread-fruit trees distract their minds; and having no books, they can't think as well; but they'll find God somehow, some time.
We were stung by scorpions, chased by wild beasts, bitten by snakes, and finally, after having nearly reached the desired spot,--after swimming rivers, encountering wild beasts, sleeping in the woods, suffering hunger and nakedness,--we were overtaken by our pursuers, and, in our resistance, we were shot dead upon the spot
Who else could have been charming rabbits and pheasants as the natives charm snakes in India?
I could have done very well if I had been without the Murdstones; but the influence of the Murdstones upon me was like the fascination of two snakes on a wretched young bird.
I wish I knew the snakes that I might crush them with my heel.