Snap lock

a lock shutting with a catch or snap.

See also: Snap

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Vibrant bag in snake skinpatterned imitation leather, with a metal snap lock at the top.
Close the case cover, affixing the magnetic snap lock and the gun is completely obscured from view.
Features include two-piece snap lock construction for quick and easy repairs; metal reinforcements for impact resistance; welded deck and base components that provide additional strength and prevent rust; and a non-cruciform bottom structure that reduces pallet jack damage and lowers the pallet's total weight.
The Snap Lock system uses a repair module with a specially designed rubber seal that guarantees a leak-proof interface with the defective section of pipe.
The smaller sizes will catch just about anything that swims and are easy to customize due to the snap lock for changing the head size and weight.
The connectors feature snap lock mating for secure connections.
v) Non removable/Non usable Snap lock fitting system.
Snap Lock Industries designs, manufactures and ships its products all under one roof in its Salt Lake facility.
There is a flap with a snap lock for battery and memory card on one side and one for HDMI port and mini USB port on the other side.
Injection moulding has enabled the case to be designed for assembly using slide lock and snap lock features that have eliminated 29 screws, and the time to insert them.
"In a second incident a detached snap lock was found in a child's mouth but was removed before choking occurred.
In another, a broken snap lock was found in a child's mouth but was removed before the child choked.