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v. i.1.To snarl.
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su] Mchims-rje Gnyi-zla Tshe'u Mchims-gshen Lo rab 'bring snar skyol 4 Zhong-du Dam-dru Zhong-rje Drum-po Zhong-shin Lon- shin Thang po 5 Rkong-yul Bre-sna Rkong-rje Dkar-po Rkong-shen Dog- po Dog-rnying
rdo rje kun gsal ma/ sku mdog snar mo na bza' gtsos gsol/ rta sngon po la bcibs/ lha ri g.
First he collected a number of witnesses, including many old prints of both the Guhyasamaja Tantra itself as well as old xylograph prints of the Pradipodyotana from 'Bras spungs, Bkra shis lhun po, Ri bo mdangs chen, and Snar thang.
And lastly, we cannot entirely exclude the fairly remote possibility that Chos kyi rgyal mtshan, himself a Sanskritist of some repute (he is sometimes referred to as Snar thang Lo tsa ba) and a student of Chag Lo tsa ba Chos rje dpal (1197-1264), one of the finest Sanskritists of his day, was responsible for the rendition of this verse, meaning that he had access to a Sanskrit manuscript of the text, if not one or both of the two manuscripts R.
lo tsha bas nyi shu rtsa bdun lon pa'i tshe slob dpon pha jo dgung lo 1nga bcu rtsa cig pa sa mo lug gi lo la mjal phur sku 'das : pha jo dang ma cig gnyis ka lo na zla : sa mo sbrul lo ba yin : rje btsun rgyal tsha rin po che sa pho khyi lo bdun bcu rtsa brgyad la khro bu'i [read: phu'i] gdan sa bar sar sku 'das : de'i tshe shing [o yos bu'i lo yin : lo tsha bas rang lo nyi shu rtsa gsum lon : slob dpon pha jo sa mo lug gi lo la 'das te : de'i tshe lo tsha bas rang nyid lo nyi shu rtsa brgyad lon : ma 1 drug bcu rtsa brgyad la glas [or: slas] [interlinear note: snar gyi dgon pa] mo cher sku 'das / lo tsha bas rang lo bzhi bcu [read.
Both versions of Tshal pa Kun dga' rdo rje's (1309-64) Red Annals state that Skyel nag Grags pa seng ge, a disciple of this Danasila had founded a seminary for philosophical study (mtshan nyid kyi grwa sa) in Snar thang, the monastery with which Bcom Idan was most closely affiliated throughout his long life; see the Deb ther dmar po (Gangtok, 1961), fol.
Volgens Cochrane "belig [dit] die ontredderde mens wat soek na sin in 'n onstuimige post-apartheid Suid-Afrika, die desperate mens wat sy toevlug vind in drank, dagga, dwelms, voor--en buitehuwelikse seks, DSTV, rock en goedkoop moordrillers, want voor die koms van die ondier klou die Oppermans nog verbete vas aan hulle hoogheilige erflatings, maar teen die einde van die roman is hulle gestroop tot common mense, want hoe kan jy bly vasklou aan jou Afrikanerskap as jy nog nie 'n snars verstaan van jou eie verganklike en prekere menswees nie" (2006: 235).
Although the surface charge chemistry of residue mud (Wong and Ho 1995) and how fertiliser nutrients interact with it (Meecham and Bell 1977; Snars et al.